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Daphnee Darling, this first book about gratitude, and each item that supplements it, will open doors to conversations with your little ones about others in the world who live differently than them. It will also introduce a lifestyle of gratitude that will impact them forever - showing them how to find what is good around them no matter the circumstances. All while putting good back into the world for others! 

Every dollar of profit from all products will go directly to helping build a NICU in North East Haiti at Danita's Children. Their Medical Center that is beyond incredible and all profits from every purchase will help bring incubators and supplies for preemies and babies with intensive care needs!

Bergly Haiti

While I was living there during my mid-twenties the medical center was under construction, and then when it was finished I worked there at a malnutrition program that helped young children grasping for the most basic nutrition to save their lives. I knew I wanted to share the stories, the moments, the hilarious personalities of the incredible children who lived at Danita's Children. I didn't know exactly how I would do that, but to this day some of the most profound moments that shaped the foundation of who I am came from those years spent serving that community.

Jake swing

With a toddler of my own in a country that allows us such great blessings so conveniently I constantly wonder how in the world to impart those same foundational ideas of compassion and gratitude into my own son. That is where the idea was birthed of sharing adventures and sweet stories with him (and all of you!) inspired by those children who are full of personality and impacted me in so many ways.

So often I think of some of the mothers of children from the malnutrition center where I volunteered. Just as hard as treating young babies with such basic deficiencies in Haiti, where medical care is severely limited, was seeing the desperation of those babies' parents who would give anything for their child to survive. It brings me such joy to know there will be so many less mothers and dads feeling desperate and full of deep grief.  

Such great things happen everyday at Danita's Children. Check that out too!

Oh yeah, and go buy lots of stuff! Let's make some change and find the good while we're at it!