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Finding Wonder Books began with a journey to use writing as a platform to encourage littles and intentionally develop a foundation of gratitude and empathy in their hearts and minds.
All profits from the first book, Daphnee Darling, went directly to helping build a NICU in North East Haiti at Danita's Children - we've sent thousands so far!

Since the Daphnee Darling book we've launched our second book, "Declare It!" which came from wanting to be my kid’s greatest hype man and to share with them the power of our words. The realities of our children are developed by the words we speak to them - let them be bold words of who they are and the greatness that their futures hold! In addition, we can help them develop the awareness of others and practice confident kindness by sharing kind words with others as often as possible.

50% of every sale on this site will be donated to help children physically and psychologically in Israel whose lives were devastated and changed forever during a terrorist attack in Israel on October 7, 2023.

“Declare It” is the perfect simple read for bedtime and playtime to encourage every little in your life - whether your kids, grandkids, neighbors, or friends!

So buy lots of stuff! Enjoy it all, be intentional, let's make some change and find the good while we're at it! 

I am beyond grateful for your support!